The introduction

You have tales to tell—small tales, grand tales, and tales of significance. You’ve been afraid to start a blog though since you don’t know the precise procedures to take.

It can be intimidating to design your blog, choose the best host, produce content, and become an expert in SEO if you’ve never gone through the process.

But if you understand the procedure, the road forward is clear. There are hundreds of millions of blogs in existence today, many of which have active bloggers who update at least once every month.

The fact that blogs are so simple to develop and update has one drawback: everyone is competing for the same attention. As a result, you must produce an attractive blog with useful information.

The erroneous belief of so-called problems was apparently started with a misapprehension in the word easy. Easy is stupidly defined as: not difficult; done or obtained without a lot of effort. However, truthfully, nothing is easy on earth; nothing is difficult on earth, work must just be done, effort must just be applied. Full stop! People do not know that effort is immeasurable because thinking is the same, whether in carrying out small or big jobs; it is just thinking. You know the meaning of thinking. I explained in detail about Thinking in chapter 2.

Tips for Customized Design

To make your site more functional, you should include several WordPress plugins. However, starting out by adhering to certain fundamental design principles will help you later on.

To reduce clutter, create more white space.
The early years of web design have long since passed. Do you remember websites with busy design and flashing buttons? That isn’t how you create or launch a blog.

You don’t want to design a website that draws visitors away from the main theme of your writing. White space creation is the best technique to maintain readers’ attention on what you’re discussing in your blog precisely.

The white spaces around your information and photos will make your website design uncluttered, uncomplicated, and efficient.

Use real photos instead of stock ones.

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